VANIGWA: organic vanilla from Cédric Coutellier

VANIGWA: organic vanilla from Cédric Coutellier

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Although the farming of vanilla has sharply declined in Guadeloupe in the course of the twentieth century, today there are enthusiasts who work day after day to maintain local production and the expertise of its refining.
Cédric Coutellier is one of those enthusiasts. Coming to the island in 1998, he has become today one of the experts in vanilla farming in Guadeloupe. Working in partnership with the Office National des Forêts (ONF), this keen young farmer has perfectly assimilated the techniques of cultivation, fertilisation, harvesting and processing. Today, he regularly takes part in training courses in order to pass on his expertise to future producers.

Cédric Coutellier is also a professional, involved in the development of sustainable agriculture which respects the natural ecosystems. His partnership with the ONF pushes him on, day after day, to develop farming systems with the minimal environmental impact. Through his commitment, he wants to protect tropical agroforestry by demonstrating that agriculture can integrate into pre-existing ecosystems without degrading their natural function.

Cédric Coutellier's vanilla is certified as Agriculture Biologique. His partnership with the ONF encourages him to develop a product which fits perfectly into the forest ecosystem, enhancing the natural bio-geo-chemical cycles.

For processing, he uses the traditional techniques used by producers in Guadeloupe: 'griffage' (scraping). In contrast to the Bourbon technique, the vanilla pods are not scalded but scarified after cropping, before the refining process begins. This technique allows Guadeloupe vanilla to retain all the strength of its taste, subtly different from Malagasy vanilla, which is also to be found in the area.

Practical informations

He cultivates several varieties of vanilla:
• Vanillia fragans or Vanillia planifolia is more widespread in world terms, with a good yield.
• Vanillon or pompona Vanillia ihas been traditionally produced in Guadeloupe, but gives a lower yield.

Almost exclusively sold direct.
Sale price:
• 10€ for 3 pods
• 15€ for 5 pods
If he is free, Cédric Coutellier may take you to see round his operation.


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