National Park regulations

 The National Park of Guadeloupe is a valuable asset to conserve to enjoy today and pass on intact to our children. Also, it is subject to regulation under a code of conduct :



  • I try not to make noise for the peace of all.
  • To conserve biological diversity, I do not pick the flowers or any sample: animals, plants and minerals belong to the landscape.
  • I do not hunt in the park: all park animals are protected.
  • To avoid getting lost, I do not leave the marked trails. I do not cross the hairpin sections of trails in certain sensitive places. This is good general practice to avoid degradation and soil erosion.
  • To preserve the beauty of the sites and avoid pollution, I do not camp unless with special permission from the National Park of Guadeloupe.
  • To limit path degradation, I do not drive motorcycles or quads outside the authorized routes.
  • I do not go canyoning.
  • To avoid any risk of pollution of rivers, I do not wash anything in rivers.
  • To preserve the aquatic environment, I do not fish in the rivers.
  • To keep nature clean, I do not throw away any waste. I bring my trash with me to throw it in the designated places.
  • I am not engaged in business activities in the park without management approval of the National Park of Guadeloupe.
  • For the peace of the animals, dogs are not allowed on the paths of the National Park or in the picnic areas, even on a leash.
  • To avoid fires and soil degradation, I do not light any fire.
  • Overflights are subject to authorization.

The limits of the National Park of Guadeloupe are represented by signs and panels in the colours of the Park.


Regulatory references :