The National Park of Guadeloupe is an area conducive to hiking, but which requires special attention to the conditions of practice. The Park reception points are qualified structures for information on trail conditions and possible temporary difficulties on a site (works, landslides, etc.). You can also contact one of the hiking professionals in Guadeloupe (see "Accompanied tours").


Route levels of difficulty :

Hikes presented on this website were selected based on their interest and their level of difficulty (slope and length). These are specified in each circuit. You can use the search engine to select the difficulty. Four difficulty levels have been created by the French Hiking Federation.
These levels are :

  • Very easy (VE) : Less than 2 hours hiking. Ideal for the family. On well-marked trails not representing any particular problem
  • Easy (E) : less than 3 hours of walking. Routes adapted to casual hikers, active families and parent hikers carrying in children if necessary. On trails with a few less easy passages.
  • Medium (M) : Less than 4 hours walking. For hikers used to walking. With some fairly challenging areas and / or gradients (steep terrain).
  • Difficult (D) : More than 4 hours of walking. For experienced hikers and sportsmen. The route is long and / or difficult (steep slopes, delicate passages, rough terrain).

The times shown for the routes are indicative. They take account of the length and gradients, and have been calculated based on an average hiker.



Signs :

Large sites giving access to the heart of the Park are marked with signs composed of a map of the Park, patrimonial information and a reminder of the regulations on the trails :


  • "Petite randonnée®" (PR®) short hike network are indicated by directional yellow markings placed at the start and at the intersections of hiking routes
  • " Grande randonnée®" (GR®) long hike network are indicated by the white and red markings placed at the start and at the intersections of hiking routes
  • The limits of the Park are represented by panels with a fuchsia logo, emblem of the National Park
  • At the entrance into the core zone of the Park, panels with a reminder of the regulations as pictograms.


Example of panels for levels of difficulty, limit of the core zone of the Park and regulations (© PNG)