Launched in 2014, the Rando Guadeloupe project is supported by the National Park of Guadeloupe.

Over the years, it has benefitted from partnerships with the Conseil Départemental and the Région Guadeloupe, the Tourism Board of the Islands of Guadeloupe, the National Forestry Office, the Guadeloupe Hiking Trails Committee and the Guadeloupe mountain leaders association, as well as the Regional Community of Nord Grande-Terre.


Focus on the following partners :

  • Communauté d'Agglomération of Nord Grande-Terre :

The Communauté d'Agglomération (Regional Community) of Nord Grande-Terre (CANGT) is a public inter-community cooperation organisation in Guadeloupe.

It is made up of five communities : Anse-Bertrand, Port-Louis, Petit-Canal, Morne-à-l'Eau and Le Moule.

In its territorial development projects, CANGT has launched the Boucle du Nord Grande-Terre project, designed to make people explore the local heritage through hiking. Apart from its sporting dimension, the Boucle aims to draw attention to the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Nord Grande-Terre. The special feature of the Boucle is the interpretative narrative which is associated with it, an added-value aspect which encourages the exploration and understanding of the area.

Forty kilometres of trails are currently open, way-marked and made safe.

The current Boucle combines three sections of walks, feasible on three successive days (roaming*). The proposed route runs along the Nord Grande-Terre coastline, linking the Beauport sugar-works (Port-Louis) with the area known as La Mahaudière (Anse-Bertrand).

These three sections are shown on the Rando Guadeloupe site, constituting a remarkable hiking opportunity in the Guadeloupe countryside.

See information sheets.

Overall, together with the communities of Petit-Canal, Mouole and Morne-à-L'Eau, there is a 250 km trail, which could be explored over several days. The Boucle will also be open for different uses (on foot, on horseback, mountain biking).

CANGT, as manager of the Boucle, is working towards enhancing this key project, which falls within the context of its development policy.

Thanks to its economic, environmental and social dimension, the Boucle is a project graded as a 'Pôle d'Excellence Rurale', an excellent example of sustainable development.

(*) for all tourist information, you can contact the Tourism Offices of Port-Louis and Anse-Bertrand ; their contact details are shown in the hike fact sheets on this site.



  • Guadeloupe Conseil Départemental

The Conseil Départemental (Regional Council) is the communal owner of land in the regional-state forest, regional forests and other open spaces. These contain a significant number of hiking trails, known as traces.

Part of the FDD is classed as the heartland of the Guadeloupe National Park.

The Community is responsible for the development and implementation of the Regional Walking and Hiking Route Plan (PDIPR), as laid down in Article L361-1 of the Environment Code.

The PDIPR identifies a section of the traces open to hiking, and possibly also riding and mountain biking, over the whole Archipelago.

The PDIPR was revised in 2016 in Guadeloupe, after consideration by the communities and confirmation by the Regional Council.

See special feature in the series "Les Îles de Guadeloupe à la Trace"


It was a good opportunity for the Guadeloupe National Park and the Conseil Départemental to work together to centralise and publicise all the hiking routes managed by PDIPR across the archipelago on the Rando Guadeloupe website. This is the work currently in progress on this site, devoted to the promotion of hiking and the exploration of the area.


You can find the PDIPR brochure for hikers by clicking the link here.