Turmeric and ginger syrups

Turmeric and ginger syrups

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The history of the Guadeloupe has been marked by a wave of immigration from India, which directly followed the abolition of slavery. This new population settled in the area, bringing with it oriental flavours and spices.
Some of the plants used in recipes have therefore been introduced from India, including the rhizomes of ginger and turmeric which today form part of Guadeloupe's culinary heritage. Partly as a result of this Indian culture, the Karupodha family business wanted to enhance this cultural identity by developing a range of products made from the spices they grow. Their original touch is in suggesting that they are taken in unusual forms. In syrups or as infusions, let yourself be seduced by the flavours of these natural products which come directly from the region of the National Park of Guadeloupe.

Products :
Karupodha offers you syrups based on turmeric and ginger.

Range of syrups :
• Turmeric Syrup, made of cane sugar, pure turmeric juice and dried cinnamon bark
• Ginger Syrup, made of cane sugar, pure ginger juice and dried cinnamon bark
• Turmeric and Ginger Syrup, made of cane sugar, pure turmeric juice, pure ginger juice and dried cinnamon bark.

Practical informations

The syrups come in 250 ml. bottles.

Points of sale :
Find Karupodha:
• in various annual fairs in Guadeloupe.
• in the JADEN PEYI TI-BOU market, which takes place every Friday from 3-8pm at Montebello Station in the Petit-Bourg community (beside the Montebello roundabout).
• in the Moule community market each Wednesday between 3.30 and 8pm.
• in many pharmacies on the island
• In metropolitan France under the Cur'Caraibes trademark.


920 A chemin Dereynal
97170 Petit-Bourg