Pouzzole trail

Pouzzole trail

Discovery trail
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In the shade of tall trees, the trail is a chance to see the woodland and rural plant life in northern Grande-Terre.
A very short walk along an educational trail, ideal for a family outing.

6 points of interest

  • Information board

    Information at the start

    The panels gives details about the Pouzzole trail.
  • Flora

    Mapou tree

    The mapou tree, or Pisonia Subcordaia, is a tree often found in the dry regions of northern Grande-Terre. Its wood is very light and spongy, and is not of any great value. Its flowers attract bees. It is very resistant to drought. It sheds its leaves to limit transpiration and thus water loss.
  • Information board

    Botanical path

    Botanical path sign.
  • Flora

    Wild pineapple

    Tillandsia Utriculata is an epiphyte plant. It is a plant living on other plants, using them for support rather than acting as a parasite. It lives on water and plant matter falling into its cone-shaped leaves.
  • Flora

    Sugar cane field

    Sugar cane, Saccharum Officinarum, is the "queen of the grasses". It comes from India and was one of the first plants grown for its sugar. It comes in a large number of varieties. The sight of the sugar cane fields in bloom is beautiful.
  • Flora

    White buttercup

    The white buttercup, Turnera Subulata, is known as the "knight of 11 o'clock" in French because its honey-producing flowers close at about 11 AM. It is a small bush that only blooms in the morning. It is used for ornamental purposes in some gardens.


The trail begins behind the introductory panel.
You just need to follow the yellow markings. The trail is an easy circuit.
  • Departure : Pouzzole, Port-Louis.
  • Arrival : Pouzzole, Port-Louis.
  • Towns crossed : Port-Louis

Altimetric profile


Watch out for the mosquitoes!
In this natural setting, you should be particularly careful and alert, since Guadeloupe is subject to natural risks. It is vital to act in a responsible way, so that everyone can enjoy the hike!
Please note: unsupervised car park.

Information desks

Access and parking

GPS starting point: Lat: 16,42527° N - Long: 61,51684° W.
After leaving Port-Louis, take the N6 road towards L'Anse-Bertrand. To the left on the road to Pouzzole, there is a "karbay" next to the parking area for 3 or 4 cars.

Parking :

small car park near the "karbay" at the start, on the RN6 road in Pouzzole.


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