Grande Pointe path

Grande Pointe path

Coastline and cliff
Cultural and architectural heritage
Discovery trail
River and waterfall
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One of the best hikes in Guadeloupe due to its history, culture, heritage and views.
A trail that will delight hikers with its richness in culture, heritage and history, as well as exceptional fauna and flora. If you like sketching, you will love the panels with tips to help you draw like a professional.

8 points of interest

  • River and waterfall

    River Coulisse

    It takes its name (lit. "River Slide") from a water slide located upstream, where local inhabitants would come to relax and have fun.
    You can swim, but be careful when it is raining because the level rises quickly.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage

    Engraved rocks

    A series of engraved rocks (petroglyphs), with the centrepiece showing a woman in labour.
  • Flora

    "Chou piquant"

    This palm tree is endemic to Guadeloupe.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage


    One of the few windmills in Basse-Terre.
  • Flora

    Lépiné tree

    Its very resistant wood was once used for frameworks and cabinet-making, to make parts of windmills and pestles for coffee mills.
    The Kalinagos called it "Allioua".
    Its bark was used to reduce fever and to make dyes.
  • Flora

    Manchineel tree

    Be careful, the tree's fruits look tasty, but you must never eat them or even touch them because they are poisonous.
    The same goes for all the other parts of the tree.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage

    Gunpowder depot and cannons

    Gunpowder depot, and a few yards further on, well-conserved cannons. This was a strategic site, defending the Les Saintes Canal.
  • Flora

    vegetation flag

    The vegetation is continually exposed to the wind, so it looks as if the tree only grows on one side. The phenomenon is known as wind deformation.


Starting from the car park, follow the road towards the right for 200m.
Follow the track on the right. You will see the introduction panel at the entrance.
Follow the yellow markings.
Follow the track as far as La Coulisse river.
Cross the river, paying attention on the slippery rocks, and don't try to cross in bad weather.
Continue along the track for 500m, as far as the engraved rocks known as "la femme qui accouche" ("the woman in labour").
Continue on to the windmill. Walk around the windmill to get a good look at it. Towards the left are the remains of a watermill. It is about 200 m away. Towards the right are the remains of some buildings about 100 m away.
Retrace your steps to the windmill and continue the trail.
Continue for about 1 km and you will see the gunpowder depot and the artillery battery. Carry on to the left after the artillery battery.
Make your way along the path between the volcanic rocks.
Continue along the path as far as the steps, about 1.5 km further on.
One last effort and you're there!
  • Departure : La Coulisse, Anse Duquery, Trois-Rivières.
  • Arrival : Grande Pointe Path, Trois-Rivières.
  • Towns crossed : Trois-Rivieres

Altimetric profile


In early April 2020, there was a rock slide near the steps on the east side, at Anse Grande Ravine. The ONF carried out work to make the path accessible again on 18/05/2020.
NB: this is a non-circular trail, so you should leave your car at the end of the trail.
Go with a mountain guide to make the most of the site.
Don't cross the river if the sky is very overcast. Don't climb on or touch the engraved rocks. Don't set off after 3 pm.
In this natural setting, you should be particularly careful and alert, since Guadeloupe is subject to natural risks. It is vital to act in a responsible way, so that everyone can enjoy the hike!
Please note: unsupervised car parks and swimming.

Information desks

Le bourg, 3 rue Gerville Réache, 97114 Trois-Rivières 90 92 77 01

Access and parking

GPS starting point: Lat: 15,96963° N - Long: 61,63080° W.
Start: Chemin de la Coulisse, Trois-Rivières:
From the N1 road, take the D6 towards Trois-Rivières, pass the petrol station on your right (just before a bridge) then turn left (N15°58'36.2" W61°38'11.5"), go down until you see a parking area on your left (N15°58'10.8" W61°37'50.6").
Arrival access: via Chemin Neuf, Trois Rivières: from the N1 road arriving from Pointe à Pitre, turn left (N15°59'16.8" W61°37'05.1) after " Trou aux chiens", Trois rivières. Turn left.
Be careful, access is dangerous from the N1, so you should take a short cut.

Parking :

Start: La Coulisse, Trois-Rivières. Finish: Chemin de la Grande Pointe.

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