Sainte-Anne coast (Fonds Thézan)

Sainte-Anne coast (Fonds Thézan)

Coastline and cliff
Pond and wetland
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You won't get bored on this very diverse trail: animals, plants and landscapes follow one after the other at a hectic pace. A sheer delight.
Mangrove, beach, cliffs, pool, savannah and dry forest are all featured on the trail. If you are not too noisy, you might see some pelicans, snowy egrets, common moorhen, coots and green heron.

6 points of interest

  • Flora

    Red Mangrove

    The Red Mangrove (Rhizophora Mangle) can be recognised by its big aerial roots and spear-shaped seeds. It has viviparous reproduction, that is to say, the seed changes into a young plant when it is still on the tree. At maturity, the small plant is detached from the tree and falls into the mud, where it starts putting down roots. If the small plant falls into the water, it will float until it makes contact with the land.
    Its hard and heavy wood is used to make posts and stilts. The bark is very rich in tannin.
  • Agricultural landscape


    The savannah is an extensive area of grassland. It did not arise naturally in Guadeloupe but was created by colonists to feed their livestock. Even today, you often see cattle making their way across the savannah. It they didn't, nature would soon reassert itself and these areas would turn into woodland.
  • Geology

    "La Piscine" pool

    This spot is called "La Piscine" (the swimming pool). The seawater basin looks like a small swimming pool. But the sea waves can make swimming very dangerous. Watch out for the sea urchins and the rock sculpted into a point by the sea spray.
  • Geology

    Anse Patate

    Cliff in Anse Patate. Build up of marine limestone. Grande Terre is a limestone plateau on a volcanic base. The extinct volcano was eroded over time and has been underwater for millions of years. All this time, a limestone deposit of coral and shellfish has formed. When the tectonic plates shifted, Grande Terre rose out of the sea.
  • Geology

    Descent towards Anse in Eblain

    Be careful, the descent is quite a difficult part of the hike. A rope has been added to make it easier to climb up and down. Take your time. A few steps have been added to make progress easier.
  • Agricultural landscape

    Savannah in Eblain

    The cattle in the savannah are a feature of the farming landscape in this area. In the past Sainte-Anne and neighbouring villages were the breadbasket of Guadeloupe. The savannah in Eblain is the end of the trail. You go back to the start the same way.


From the Anse à Saint beach, walk along the coast towards the east as far as the mouth of a small, brackish lake surrounded by red mangroves. Go round the lake and walk up towards the savannah to your right. Continue along the coast until you arrive at the foot of some "upmarket" houses. In the gully, take a quick return trip to see the attractive pool (La Piscine). The path continues, and you go past a series of bays (La Chaudière, Patate, Canot, Eblain). Every one of them has a magnificent view. The trail ends in the savannah just behind L'Anse à Eblain.
Come back the same way (retrace your steps).
  • Departure : Anse à Saint, between Gosier and Sainte-Anne.
  • Arrival : Anse à Saint, between Gosier and Sainte-Anne.
  • Towns crossed : Sainte-Anne

Altimetric profile


Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun.
In this natural setting, you should be particularly careful and alert, since Guadeloupe is subject to natural risks. It is vital to act in a responsible way, so that everyone can enjoy the hike!
Please note: unsupervised swimming.

Access and parking

GPS starting point location: Lat: 16,21124° N - Long: 61,41851° W.
By the National 4 road. Arriving from St Anne towards Gosier, go past Fonds Thézan. Just after a bridge with guardrails, take a small road to the left. It is laid with tarmac at the beginning but soon turns into a tuff path then an earth track. Park in the savannah and walk towards the sea.
You can also park more easily in the neighbouring beach, Petit Havre.

Parking :

Petit-Havre beach


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