Trace du Petit Malendure

Trace du Petit Malendure

Coastline and cliff
Relaxation area
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Explore the Côte Sous-le-Vent, sheltered by the dry forest, with its little creeks and the panorama over the Îlets Pigeon (area at the heart of the National Park).
Wonderful views await you as you pass through a ravine, a headland or a bay ...

15 points of interest

  • Viewpoint

    Anse Colas

    View over Anse Colas and the Caribbean Sea.
  • Viewpoint

    Anse Zombi

    View over Anse Zombi and the Îlets Pigeon.
  • River and waterfall

    River Colas

    Waterfall and pool along the River Colas.
  • Fauna


    A type of anole (Anolis marmoratus girafus) with a camouflaged costume.
  • Flora


    A member of the commelinaceae family called Tradescantia Spathacea which likes dry and rocky environments.
  • Viewpoint

    Falaise Noire

    Panorama from Falaise Noire with a view over the Caribbean Sea.
  • Geology

    Anse Feuillard

    Anse Feuillard is the ideal spot for a relaxing break.
  • Flora

    A bed of leaves

    Trees take advantage of Lent to renew their foliage.
  • Viewpoint

    Pointe à Négresse

    A window open onto Pointe à Négresse.
  • Fauna

    Guadeloupe woodpecker

    The only endemic bird species to the country, the Guadeloupe woodpecker measures 26-28 cm. Its beak is long and slender and, in the male, is longer than the head, unlike in females. It is adorned with black plumage, has a blood-red throat and belly and blue/black back. It can be seen quite frequently on tree trunks, which it hammers into with its powerful beak (hence its Creole name of Toto bwa). It moves over short distances in rippling, gliding movements. The Guadeloupe woodpecker is included on the list of endangered species.
  • Viewpoint

    View over the Îlets de Pigeon

    Panorama over the Îlets de Pigeon from Falaise Bellon.
  • Flora


    The gumbo-limbo, Bursera simaruba, is a typical dry-forest tree. It is noticeable because of its peeling bark (desquamation) with a bright red colour.
  • Flora

    Philodendron giganteum

    The Philodendron giganteum always grows near wetland or rivers.
  • Viewpoint

    Malendure harbour

    View over Malendure harbour and the hills of Bouillante (Bois-Malher, Poirier, Desmarais, etc.)
  • Flora

    Pipe organ cactus

    Pipe organ cactuses (Cephalocereus nobilis) grow here.


Just after you set off, the path runs close by the River Colas. Follow the path through the rocks and the slate stone. You arrive at a fork (option to go down to Anse Colas and the pebble beach by the path to the right).
Turn left. From Pointe à Zombi, the view takes in the Colas and Zombi bays. Follow the path leaving to the left at right angles (you pass by a building). Go straight ahead through the dry forest (pear trees, logwood, gumbo-limbo) and you begin a steady climb. Along the way there are views over Anse Feuillard, La Pointe Negresse and the island of Montserrat (70 km north-west of Basse-Terre). Walk past a barrier near Falaise Noire. You cross a gully (to the right, access to Anse Feuillard) and go straight ahead. After 250 m, you reach a crossroads. Continue on the main pathway towards Pointe de Malendure. You start to go down towards Fond Ravine, crossing a wood before arriving at Petit Malendure beach.
Take the same route on the way back.
  • Departure : 30 metres after the bridge over the River Colas leading to Malendure, Bouillante.
  • Arrival : Petit Malendure beach, Bouillante.
  • Towns crossed : Bouillante

Altimetric profile


NB: this is a non-circular trail, so you should leave your car at the end of the trail.
In this natural setting, you should be particularly careful and alert, since Guadeloupe is subject to natural risks. It is vital to act in a responsible way, so that everyone can enjoy the hike!
Please note, unsupervised car parks and swimming.

Information desks

Access and parking

GPS starting point: Lat: 16,18666° N - Long: 61,77989°W.
RN2 road to Bouillante, Colas section: between Malendure beach and the junction of the RD33 road, La Traversée.

Parking :

Start: edge of the RN2 road, Colas section. Finish: roadside "Petit Malendure" car park.


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