Grosse Corde river waterfall

Grosse Corde river waterfall

Relaxation area
River and waterfall
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A fresh water pool set amid lush, tropical vegetation. This site will appeal to old and young and is not difficult to access.

5 points of interest

  • Flora


    A member of the Musaceae family, Heliconia caribaea is a large grass that is typical of the Lesser Antilles tropical rainforest. A member of the same family as the banana trees, the plant can grow up to 5 m high. It features an inflorescence that resembles a red ear or red ear with yellow trim, or sometimes completely yellow. Its flowers are visible all year round, most notably between April and June.

  • Flora

    Tree ferns

    Tree ferns (Cyathea sp.), members of the Cyatheaceae family, include six species, the biggest of which (C. Arborea) can grow taller than 18 metres. Contrary to what the name suggests, tree ferns are not actually trees. The young leaves have the distinctive shape of a cross, while the black stipe is covered with petiole remnants. The fibrous material at the base of the stipe can be used to make sculptures and containers.

  • Flora

    Asplundia rigida

    A member of the Cyclantaceae family, the French common name of Asplundia rigida translates literally as "fly wings" on account of its similarity with the insect. A typical plant of hygrophilous (moisture-loving) forest undergrowth, there are three species of Asplundia: two terrestrial and one epiphytic and lianescent (vines climbing from aerial routes).

  • Fauna

    "Colle roches"

    The waterfall pool is a popular habitat for fish known locally as Colle roches ("rock clingers") (Sicydium sp.), whose French name alludes to their ability to cling to the rocks. They lay their eggs in the river before the larvae are taken by the current and grow up downstream in the sea.

  • River and waterfall

    Paradise Waterfall

    This waterfall on the Grosse Corde river is nicknamed "Paradise", undoubtedly because of the beautiful pool that it carved into the rock, making it a true haven of paradise. Besides the main waterfall, there is a smaller trickle of water which is a hot water supply - a stark contrast to the cool water of the rest of the pool.


Hiking trail colour: yellow

Go down a few steep steps from the information boards at the start of the trail. The trail winds through the forest, eventually reaching the Grosse Corde river and the site of a splendid waterfall. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this site and then take the same route again to return to the parking area at the start.

  • Departure : Paradise waterfall parking area
  • Arrival : Paradise waterfall parking area
  • Towns crossed : Capesterre-Belle-Eau

Altimetric profile


This route is hazardous when it is raining. Do not plan a hike if it has been raining the day before or if bad weather is forecast.
Be careful when the river is flooded. If water levels are rising, do not try to cross the river. Wait until they return to normal.
Extra care should be taken in this natural environment, as Guadeloupe is prone to natural risks. For the benefit of all hikers, responsible behaviour is requested.
Please note : the parking and swimming areas are not supervised.

Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Information desks

Reception area of Les Chutes du Carbet

terminus de la RD4 , route de l'Habituée, 97130 Capesterre-Belle-Eau

Opening hours :

  • In low season (May 1st to June 30th, September 1st to October 31th) : daily from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm.
  • In high season (November 1st to April 30th, July 1st to August 31th : daily from 7.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Services : reception centre, shop, toilets, parking, picnic area. The promontory of the reception area is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In exchange for the services provided on the site, a financial contribution is requested to visitors (prices 06/2023 to 05/2024) :

  • Adults : 5.45 € / pers.
  • Children (- 12 years) : 3.30 € / pers.
  • Families (2 adults + 2 children): 7.60 €
  • Groups adults (from 8 pers.) : 3.80 € / pers.
  • Groups children (from 8 pers.) : 1,65€ / pers.
  • One-year access card : 8.75 € / pers.

GPS location : Lat: 16,04198 N - Lng: 61,63822 W.

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Access and parking

GPS coordinates of the start point : Lat : 16,03948 N - Long : 61,63757 W.

After Saint-Sauveur on Route RN1 (between Bananier and
Capesterre-Belle-Eau), head towards "Chutes du Carbet".
Keep going on the RD4. The road is steep and winding. Go past the Grand Etang parking area, keep going until you reach the sign for the start of the trail Grosse Corde Est / Bassin Paradis. Parking is after the bridge on the edge of the road at the pedestrian crossing.

Parking :

Chutes du Carbet welcome area

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