From Anse Laborde to Porte d'Enfer (2nd stage)

From Anse Laborde to Porte d'Enfer (2nd stage)

Coastline and cliff
North Grande-Terre circular trail
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The second of the three stages of the Grande-Terre Northern Loop: to Anse-Bertrand, then from Anse Laborde to La Porte d'Enfer, via the Pointe de la Grande Vigie.
Take the Loop's hiking trails to explore the riches of North Grande-Terre !

12 points of interest

  • Geology

    Trou de Man Louis

    The only accessible beach with Anse Laborde on this side, barely visible from the cliffs (on the leeward side); the place for cliff fishing, including for 'bougo' (shellfish).
  • Cultural and architectural heritage


    Yaya is a mystical space to the north of the village, where you may encounter spirits and other beings (mentioned in the story of Man Koko).
  • History

    Caribbean site

    The site of the village of the last Caribbeans in Guadeloupe, until the beginning of the twentieth century, in the heart of what was then known as the Caribbean Reserve.
  • Viewpoint

    Pointe Montagnier

    A rare viewpoint of this part of the cliffs, open to the Caribbean Sea and the Canal de la Guadeloupe.
  • Viewpoint

    Pointe de la Grande Vigie

    Pointe de la Grande Vigie, with its parking area and its double pathway to explore the site, going towards the point.
  • Geology

    Petite Tortue

    Pointe de la Petite Tortue, a cliff overhang shaped like the head of a turtle.
  • Pond

    Savane Desrosières

    Savane Desrosières : vast space of the Caribbean Reserve, with its pools and grazing land, open to the never-ending movement of the Atlantic waves.
  • Agricultural landscape

    Couloir de Budan - St Jacques

    The end of the Anse-Bertrand plateau, where we see a row of the more northerly sugar works of eighteenth century Guadeloupe, including those of Budan and St Jacques.
  • Geology

    Anse Pistolet

    The Pointe de la Grande Vigie's only maritime access and the natural entrance to the south-west plain from the eighteenth century onwards, L'Anse Pistolet nestles between the cliffs occupied by the Amerindians millennia ago.
    (The Anse is visible 400m to the north of the main road).
  • Viewpoint

    Anse à Tortues

    A spectacular viewpoint nearer the edge of the cliffs, at the feet of which lies a cove of white sand, home to turtles when they come to lay their eggs.
  • Geology

    Pointe du Piton

    Pointe du Piton: witness to the tectonic movements at the start of the Grande-Terre region, and coastal erosion.
  • Geology

    Overlooking the Porte d'Enfer

    At the start of Cadou: go west from the ridge, overlooking the lagoon of Porte d'Enfer, an open book of the geological history of Guadeloupe.


Hiking trail colour : yellow.
Starting from Anse Laborde beach, this second stage follows the Trace des Pêcheurs to the north, to the Pointe de la Grande Vigie.
From there, go back down following the RD122, then at the crossroads head for the Porte d'Enfer, your destination on this second stage.
Source of information: Discours interprétatif de la Boucle du nord Grande-Terre - CANGT / AVPMC J.Barfleur, 2016.
For more information on the Grande-Terre Northern Loop, go to:
  • Departure : Anse-Bertrand, Anse Laborde beach.
  • Arrival : Anse-Bertrand, Porte d'Enfer.
  • Towns crossed : Anse-Bertrand

Altimetric profile


Be careful when walking along or crossing the road (beware of traffic).
Do not go near the edge of the cliffs: risk of collapse.

NB: Be careful: there is a lot of sargasse (brown algae) in the lagoon at Porte d'Enfer.

As Guadeloupe is prone to natural risks, extra care should be taken in this natural environment. For the benefit of all hikers, responsible behaviour is very important.
Please note: the parking and swimming areas are not supervised.

Information desks

Access and parking

Starting point : Lat : 16,483417 N - Long : 61,501789 W.
As you come out of Anse-Bertrand heading north: take the RD122. Pass near the military camps then turn left, heading for Anse Laborde beach.

Parking :

Anse-Bertrand, beach of Anse Laborde.


At Porte d'Enfer there is a picnic carbet and wooden access boards suitable for persons with reduced mobility ; braille information panels.
Emergency number :114

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