Montana Trail
La Desirade

Montana Trail

Agricultural landscape
Cultural and architectural heritage
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Located in the north east of the island, this trail owes its name to the ship 'Montana' which was wrecked off the lighthouse. On its coastal section, the trail runs along, the geological nature reserve. It also leads to the former weather station, whose 'Streamline Moderne' architecture recalls the works of Ali Tur, as well as to the lighthouse and the ruins of a cotton farm, near which an exhibition explains the geological history.

11 points of interest

  • Information board

    Explanatory panel

    An explanatory panel describes the species (fauna and flora) which may be encountered on the trail.
  • Flora

    Antigua Agave

    A specimens of Agave Karatto, adapted to dry, hot stony soils. Its imposing flower stalk announces the end of the plant's life.
  • Summit

    Wind Farm

    View of the wind farm on the mountain plateau overlooking the trail.
  • Flora

    Gray Mapou (birdcatcher tree)

    Specimen of Mapou Gray, Pisonia subcordata. Its branches lean in the direction of the prevailing winds.
  • Area of relaxation


    This carbet invites you to take a break while enjoying the ocean panorama from the Pointe Mancenillier.
  • Geology

    Rocky patchwork

    This conglomeration of rocks of various types testifies to the geological character of the remarkable La Désirade.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage

    Former weather station

    View of the abandoned weather station, whose Art Deco architecture was inspired by the work of Ali Tur.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage


    Lighthouse of la Désirade.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage

    Ruins of the old cotton farm

    The site which was once home to a cotton farm and a leper colony now offers a exhibition tracing the geological history of la Désirade through information panels, as well as a rest area which has calmly been taken over by a group of iguanas.
  • Cultural and architectural heritage

    Marine cemetery

    Last resting place, lulled by the tides.
  • Flora


    Frangipani flower, Plumeria.


Starting from the 'trace' entry sign, follow the waymarkers which lead up to Pointe Mancenillier. On reaching the coast, on the edge of the geological nature reserve, turn right, taking care on the stony trail leading towards Pointe Doublé.Then, after the weather station, reach the road which passes the lighthouse, the former cotton farm and the marine cemetery, to return to the start.
  • Towns crossed : La Desirade

Altimetric profile


Trail cleared following Hurricane MARIA.
Trail mainly open; be sure to hydrate regularly.
Slippery passages on the stones: wear hiking shoes.
Beware of the manchineel trees (every part is poisonous).

Information desks

"Beausejour", capitainerie, 97127 Désirade 90 84 61 39


Bus service from the port with Karulis.

Access and parking

Starting point : Lat : 16,33052°N - Long : 61,01702°W.
From the marine port, follow the D207 as far as Baie-Mahault school.

Parking :

Beside "Baie-Mahault" school.

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